Introducing Solid Objects’ New Blog/Miranda Mellis in The New York Times!


Solid Objects is starting its own blog! We’ll post news about the press, author events, and other things here, so stay tuned!

For our first post, we wanted to draw your attention to a column Miranda Mellis published in The New York Times. In the piece, Mellis takes us through her job history, which has ranged from working in a zoo to working as a guide at San Francisco’s Exploratorium to working as a tree planter in Zambia, to show how this assortment of experiences has affected her writing:

“From the ages of 18 to 36 — when I began to teach creative writing — I worked variously as a house cleaner, house painter, landscaper, masseuse, editor and secretary. I worked as a tree planter in Zambia for a half-year when I was 19, then as a produce worker at a co-op grocery store in San Francisco, where I grew up. My first salaried job was going door to door, raising money for Salvadoran refugees fleeing civil conflict and death squads.”

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