Saturation Project

Christine Hume

192 pages/$18.00
ISBN-13 978-0-9862355-9-7 / January 11, 2021

The genre-defying genius of Saturation Project brings memoir and essay to the land of myth. Here, the wildness of what we experience, that which cannot be controlled but controls nonetheless, finds expression through etherealizing and visceral saturations of the body: a feral, humming, windswept girlhood mapped with uncharted brilliance.
—Claudia Rankine
Christine Hume tells of that hum neither utterance nor song that is so inside us and that hum that is everywhere in crowds, in industry, in nature. She tells of wind, unconstrained force, in which we exist, stand and advance. A child, lost or abandoned, is nurtured by a bear in Greece, in India, in Azerbaijan, in Champagne, in Kansas. Christine Hume tells her daughter she is that child, and she sees her daughter being nurtured by another species. So many profound and surface things Christine Hume brings close to us with her so crystal words so luminous with thought.
—Alphonso Lingis